What To Avoid After Your LASIK Eye Surgery

The decision to have LASIK is a big one. It’s what most would call a “life-changer.” It’s transformational. You are choosing to see in a different way and that’s a big deal! For most LASIK patients, the thought of being able to just wake up and see are almost surreal. What will you do first with your new eyes?

Does 20/20 Vision equal “Perfect” vision?

Simply stated: no.  The majority of patients achieve better than 20/20 vision when they come to us for LASIK. When any patient visits 20/20 Institute for LASIK and is a good candidate, our LASIK Specialists customize a treatment plan designed to maximize each eye’s probability of safely achieving 20/20 or better vision. This approach of Read more »

Can Diabetics Have LASIK?

In the US, more than eight percent of the population over age 20 is affected by diabetes, making it a relatively common disease. Naturally, if you have been diagnosed with Type I or Type II Diabetes you may be concerned about whether you can safely enjoy the benefits of LASIK. We understand your concerns and Read more »

Understanding LASIK and Monovision

One question we’re frequently asked is “Does LASIK correct for a person’s need for reading glasses?” Have you ever heard of having one eye set to see distance and the other set to see near?  That’s called monovision or blended vision. What Does Monovision Do? Monovision reduces a person’s dependency on reading glasses for near-vision Read more »

How to Protect Your Eyes After LASIK

It’s Saturday morning, the sun is up, and you roll over and decide it’s time for you to be up too.  You open your eyes… Wait a minute!  You can see all the way across your bedroom, and there’s texture on the ceiling of your bedroom!  “Did I fall asleep with my contacts in again?” Read more »

Okay, you just had LASIK. What’s next?

Most patients who are considering to have LASIK want to understand what they should do after having LASIK to care for their eyes. At 20/20 Institute, your follow up care is just as important to us as the rest of your visits, and we understand the importance of maintaining your long-term eye health too! So, Read more »

Can Laser Eye Surgery Cause Cataracts? 

No, LASIK does not cause cataracts. Cataracts can be treated for a person who has had LASIK in the past.  If a patient currently has cataracts that are affecting vision, then LASIK is not recommended, and the patient should have cataract surgery instead. If you are considering LASIK and have questions or concerns related to Read more »

What Are The Side Effects of LASIK?

Of all the questions that are commonly asked about LASIK, the most popular one is this: “What are the side effects?” It’s a good question to ask.  When patients visit 20/20 Institute for their complimentary LASIK Consultation and Evaluation, our experienced staff and LASIK surgeons bring this subject up even when it isn’t asked. These are things that are important to Read more »

What To Expect During And After LASIK

If you’re hoping to ditch your glasses and contact lenses by having LASIK, the thought of actually having the procedure may have you both excited and nervous at the same time. For many of us, it is really helpful to know what to expect. After all, surprises are great on birthdays and anniversaries, but not Read more »

Is LASIK Covered by Insurance?

If you’re here because it is time to sincerely pursue having LASIK, you may be asking yourself a very common question: “Is LASIK covered by my insurance?” So, in this post, we’ll explain how insurance works with LASIK, so that you can know how that all works and make the most of your vision insurance Read more »