What’s the difference between LASIK and PRK?

If you are tired of your glasses and contact lenses and just want to be able to wake up and see, you are likely aware of the very popular LASIK procedure, but what about its “cousin” procedure, PRK? One of the more common questions that patients have for the laser vision correction specialist doctors at Read more »

How to Make LASIK More Affordable

If you’re someone who relies on glasses or contacts for vision correction, you’re probably contemplating a change. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of dealing with the inconvenience of glasses and contacts, or maybe you’ve realized that the long-term expenses associated with them outweigh the cost of LASIK surgery. Regardless of your reasons, it’s important to consider Read more »

How Technology Affects LASIK Procedures

There is no doubt that we live in the technology age. Almost every minute of everyday technology has changed the way we live our daily lives. The Internet and smartphones have changed our world. More and more people are shopping online instead of brick and mortar stores. Most people use GPS driven navigational apps instead Read more »

Why Selecting the Right LASIK Provider Matters

Finding the right LASIK provider can be an overwhelming task. At 20/20 Institute, we understand. Many of our patients tell us that lots of other LASIK providers in Denver are making lots of superlative claims. The best this, the latest that.   If many LASIK providers are claiming their doctors and their laser technology is Read more »

What Is A LASIK Refinement?

LASIK is one of the safest and effective medical procedures performed in the world when performed by an experienced surgeon using most advanced technology.  Most patients achieve their desired result of 20/20 or better vision with one initial procedure. Sometimes the patient’s prescription is not fully corrected in one LASIK procedure. In these cases, the Read more »

Are Annual Eye Exams Recommended After LASIK?

In a word: yes. Sometimes the answer surprises LASIK patients.  After all, the goal of LASIK is to live life as glasses free as possible. So why go to an eye doctor if you don’t need glasses or contact lenses to see clearly? The reason is simple: When you have your peepers examined by a Read more »

Facts To Help You Overcome Your Fear Of LASIK

My son’s first time on an airplane was tough.  He was so scared, my wife and I nearly had to drag him out of the car in the airport parking lot.  Of course, everything ended up just fine. He ended up having a blast, and now looks forward to his window seat when we travel Read more »

Life After LASIK Keeps Getting Better!

Have you ever wondered what truly gets better in your life after having LASIK? Most patients report that waking up the first morning after having LASIK with their new vision is a memory that they will never forget. The good news is that for the vast majority of LASIK patients things just get better from Read more »

Is LASIK Right For You? Are You Right for LASIK?

While these questions appear to be the same, both are important to answer if you’re considering LASIK vision correction. In this blog post, we explain what we mean by these two questions. Is LASIK right for you? Would your life be better if you could wake up and get on with your day without wearing Read more »

Is LASIK Safe During Pregnancy?

Wow!  New babies and new vision, two life-changing events in the same blog post – very exciting!  The answer to the question, however, is that the only safe place for LASIK and pregnancy to co-exist is in a discussion about the two…like this one! LASIK is a lifetime decision, so it’s best to have LASIK Read more »