I am truly enjoying my career in field of LASIK. The best part is assisting patients through their journey of eliminating their need for glasses and contacts. I started in field of LASIK after having the procedure myself in 2001. I really enjoy the human interaction with each and every person I encounter. I enjoy witnessing the genuine emotions I observe when patients’ lives are being transformed. I am currently one of the Vision Counselors here at 20/20 Institute, Vision Counselors are the staff members that our patients usually speak to first when contacting our office. Hopefully we will be talking on the telephone soon.


Mary Colleen

Hi there! My name is Mary Colleen and I am the Center Concierge at 20/20 Institute. I love working at 20/20 Institute because of the amazing team here. The passion and drive they exemplify inspires me on a daily basis. Every member of the team truly cares about each patients’ wellbeing. It’s clear to me that providing quality care is our top priority. I am very fortunate to work with such passionate and caring people. In my spare time I enjoy running, painting, or exploring/traveling to new paces (I lived in Belgium for five months, I’ve traveled to over 10 countries and can’t wait to go explore more!). I hope you will come in and meet the great team we have here at 20/20 Institute soon!



You can expect lots of smiles when working with me; I love to laugh and engage with patients along with their family and friends. I focus on being fully present with the patients and making them feel like their story is heard. The favorite part of my job is conveying to each patient why 20/20 Institute is the best choice for LASIK in Colorado. The pure, life-changing joy of every person who says yes to LASIK is extremely rewarding. My teammates at 20/20 are all part of my incredible professional family. Overall, 20/20 Institute provides an experience to patients and its employees unlike any other provider.



My goal is to make every patients’ experience at 20/20 Institute as unforgettable as possible. It is such a gift and a privilege to know we are enhancing lives by helping people see so amazingly without the need for glasses or contacts. Any patient considering LASIK can be sure we have their absolute best interest in mind. We will be open and honest even if they are not a good candidate for vision correction. Every person who walks through our door should know that trusting us with their vision is something we take very seriously. What a gift it is to work with rock stars each and every day. Each staff member at 20/20 Institute truly embodies the word teammate. Everyone on this team has each other’s back with the same common goal in mind: safely providing people with amazing vision and a phenomenal customer service experience.



Improving our patients’ lives by giving them the freedom from contacts and glasses for the first time in a long time, is only exceeded by the happiness and gratitude I see on their faces after their procedures. Nowhere else will you receive the quality of care, experience and technology that we offer here at 20/20 Institute. Entrusting my colleagues and I to help you through this life changing process is a privilege we look forward to every day. In my fifteen years of Optometric and Ophthalmic experience throughout the pacific northwest and here in Colorado, I have found that LASIK is one of my true passions, alongside enjoying our beautiful outdoors of course. I hope to meet you soon!



Seeing the happiness on people’s faces when they get up after surgery is amazing, never gets old, and makes me want to keep doing what I do. Having had a -7.50 prescription in both eyes, getting out of glasses was a life changing experience. PRK got me there. Going from not being able to see anything, to 20/15 in a week was the most surreal experience. I have been in the eye care industry for about four years and have a wide range of experience in both optometry and ophthalmology. I currently hold a master’s degree in public health, and I am an advocate of healthcare equity. I love working at 20/20 Institute because of the likeminded dedicated coworkers, who have an actual interest in your care. You’ll most likely find me hiking flat trails with my Australian Shepherd, Darth Sadieous, on the weekends!



I feel extremely grateful to have been part of the 20/20 Institute since it’s opening in 2004. I know how wonderfully life changing the procedure is, as I had LASIK myself 19 years ago! I feel very fortunate to work for an organization where I truly believe in the service provided. It is very rewarding to be able to share in a piece of that experience for our wonderful patients. The team here truly cares about each and every patient. I enjoy being able to meet with each patient before their procedure. My goal is to ensure a smooth transaction for the financial portion of their procedure. On surgery days, patients get to see me first 😊.



I am the VP of Operations and have been with 20/20 Institute since 2005. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of this visionary small company where excellence is the objective each and every day. I know that I can thoroughly trust our deeply experienced doctors who will never compromise on best practices. Truly, I am fortunate to have joined a company with such a high level of integrity. I can personally attest to the marvels of LASIK. My life was changed in so many ways as a result of LASIK at 20/20 Institute in 2005, and it is now my privilege to help others gain that same freedom. Finally, I am incredibly blessed to be surrounded by teammates who genuinely care about our patients as well as each other, and who are driven to excel. We share a passion to serve others, and we are humbled by the thousands of patients who entrust us with their vision.



I started wearing glasses since the age of five, LASIK was the best decision I ever made. Not only am I a patient at 20/20 Institute, I get to work here and enjoy helping other people change their lives! I believe in providing the ultimate patient experience, you’ll feel welcomed just as if you were in my own living room in my home. Whether you meet with me for your initial consultation or one of my teammates, you’re going to be in good hands. I have never worked with a team so committed to the same cause of patient care than the team we have at 20/20. Afterall, vision is the most precious gift we can give you, and I love being a part of that. I hope to “see” you soon at 20/20 Institute.