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2020 Institute - 20th Anniversary LASIK Event

Our 20th Anniversary LASIK Event

Save $1,100*

20/20’s World Class LASIK Includes:

  • Unsurpassed Success Rate. 99.67% = 20/20 Vision or Better
  • Exclusive 20/20 Vision or Its Free LASIK Guarantee
  • $0 Down & 0% Interest for 24 Months
  • 1 Full Year of Comprehensive Follow-up Care
  • No Charge Standard LASIK Refinement Plan

*$550 off per eye. Limited time.
Cannot be combined with other offers.

We offer transparent low pricing; we don’t play pricing games. We also honor all insurance discounts and offer the best overall value for LASIK surgery in Colorado. We guarantee advanced WaveFront Optimized LASIK technology for some of the most competitive prices in Denver*.

Denver LASIK Vision Transformations that are Personalized

From your first contact with 20/20 Institute, you will realize this is no ordinary doctor’s office experience. Our founding laser eye surgery doctors have designed our entire organization to provide an extraordinary patient experience. Everything we do is with you in mind.

We are a 5-star institute by design. We start with a personal approach, getting to know you and what matters most in your life. Your livelihood, hobbies, and, most importantly, current visual limitations all help us tailor a vision correction solution unique to you. Our mission is to help free you from the hassles, the cost, and the aggravation of eyeglasses and contact lenses.

We know that LASIK eye surgery cost is a consideration for many patients. Our innovative, FREE LASIK phone consultations provide you with a specific price quote over the phone with no office visit required.

We are a local, doctor-owned-and-operated LASIK provider, which enables us to focus on providing value without sacrificing exceptional outcomes and patient care. To help make LASIK more accessible and affordable for our patients, we accept FSA and HSA payments and provide discounts for patients with insurance, even if LASIK is not covered by your plan. We also offer financing options with $0 Down and 0% interest for up to 24 months.

Our three Denver metro area locations help limit your commute, while our well-appointed offices make sure that you are comfortable once you get in the doors. Our experienced, approachable, and compassionate doctors and staff all serve to make the 20/20 Institute patient experience like no other in the field.

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5 Stars
"It is truly an investment for yourself . I’m more than happy to have gone with 20/20 Institute for this procedure."

- Linh Thach

“You might be thinking that somehow all these five-star reviews are incentivized (I did). They’re not!!! My vision after surgery is now 20/15 – and my eyesight was REALLY bad! The office was amazing to work with, explained everything, and made me feel very comfortable…”

- Julie C. from Broomfield

“I loved 20/20 Institute as soon as I walked through the door. They made me feel more than welcome and comfortable. They kept in touch with me throughout the process. I can’t ask for more comfort with 20/20 Institute. There wasn’t any pressure to get the procedure done in a certain amount of time or at all. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an incredible relaxing environment. My vision is amazing. I never thought this would happen to me. I’m so thankful and appreciative."

- April H. from Lakewood

“Really wonderful experience having my vision corrected by 20/20. The entire process was great; their staff is knowledgeable, professional and most helpful. Would highly recommend visiting one of their Denver area offices if you’re contemplating Lasik surgery (the same staff bounces between locations). I had terrible vision requiring glasses 24/7 and am now 3 months post-op and seeing 20/15, it’s amazing.”

- Justin H. from Westminster

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The LASIK Eye Surgery Procedure

Before discussing the technology that powers our outstanding LASIK outcomes, it is important to understand the LASIK surgery procedure and how it is performed. LASIK is a 3-step, roughly 15-minute outpatient procedure:

Step 1:

Flap Creation

A thin flap of the cornea is created and gently moved out of the way to expose a lower layer of the cornea for treatment in the next step.

Step 2:

Laser Reshaping

Using an excimer laser, cool pulses of light are applied to the exposed lower layer of the cornea, reshaping its curvature. This step is how the patient’s prescription is treated, and therefore, it’s likely the most impactful step on a patient’s visual outcome.

Step 3:

Flap Repositioning

When corneal reshaping is complete, the surgeon lays the corneal flap back down into its original position. It self-adheres without stitches.

wavelight ex500

Every patient receives our most advanced LASIK technology, the Wavelight EX-500 Laser.

After the procedure, patients go home to relax—a long nap is usually recommended. The eyes will heal on their own with the help of prescription eye drops; most patients achieve 90% of their vision correction overnight! Patients can typically return to work the very next day. Further healing and vision correction takes approximately two to three weeks.

Unsurpassed LASIK Surgery Outcomes

The final visual result you achieve after LASIK eye surgery likely depends on where you choose to have your LASIK performed.

Our proven results and 5-star reviews paint a detailed picture of what our patients have come to expect when choosing 20/20 Institute Denver. In fact, 99.67% of our patients have achieved 20/20 vision or better after LASIK*, and our outstanding surgical outcomes are all delivered in our unsurpassed patient-centered environment.

Best of all—you don’t have to take our word for it! We invite you to explore thousands of 5-star patient reviews online, or look us up on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Every review is real, unedited, and genuine, and we don’t pay patients for positive reviews.

A few short minutes of browsing our online reviews will provide you with the insight you need to decide if 20/20 Institute is the right LASIK provider for you. Plus, we offer FREE LASIK consultations over the phone, no strings attached.

LASIK Doctor - Jim Montgomery
Dr. Montgomery • Board-Certified Ophthalmologist

Advanced LASIK
Surgery Technology

In the early days of LASIK, the first step of the procedure, creating the flap, was done with a surgical device called a Microkeratome. This device contained a surgical blade.

Modern LASIK uses a specialized laser to create the flap on the surface of the cornea, which is advantageous for one, big obvious reason: there’s no blade!

Let’s dig deeper into the details of Step 2 of the LASIK procedure: Reshaping the cornea with a laser.

Wavefront LASIK treats nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism (low-order aberrations) while simultaneously accounting for some of the unique imperfections (or attributes) of each patient’s visual system (high-order aberrations).

Most experts agree that, in general, Wavefront LASIK provides a better visual result and better quality vision than conventional (i.e., standard or traditional) LASIK. Night vision, in particular, benefits the most from Wavefront Optimized® Custom LASIK.

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For those seeking LASIK surgery, Denver has a multitude of options, and not all are equal. Your search for the right LASIK provider should involve more than simply looking for “LASIK near me.” With locations in Denver, Westminster, and Englewood, 20/20 Institute wants you to feel confident in the decision-making process. For a lot of people, that means understanding every detail of the LASIK procedure: the LASIK eye doctor, the technologies that facilitate patient results, LASIK eye surgery cost, and taking into consideration what other patients have to say about their LASIK experience.

We make all this easy at 20/20 Institute, and we invite you to explore the many articles and resources we’ve published that have helped thousands of people make safe, informed LASIK decisions.

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