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About 20/20

We understand that Denver LASIK patients want the best possible vision, top notch technology and the best price for their LASIK procedure. We have got you covered at 20/20 Institute.

Our founding doctors built 20/20 Institute on these core values: align independent, experienced doctors that specialize in LASIK with patients that desire advanced laser technology — deliver all this in a comfortable and professional environment built around the patient’s needs.

Personalized service and attention is what 20/20 Institute patients have come to enjoy…

Without getting too detailed in this blog post, most people think of 20/20 as a visual “state of being” or “place” where a person’s vision is working well.  Fortunately for those who were not blessed with 20/20 naturally, today there are many ways for a person to see 20/20.

Most people, including us here at 20/20 Institute, agree that the “place” where glasses and contacts are not needed to see 20/20 is a pretty special one.  If you are here reading this, chances are pretty good that you (or perhaps a loved one) are NOT in that visual “place” without the assistance of glasses or contact lenses yet, but would very much like to be.

Now, previously, via our little blog here, we have shared information across a wide variety of topics generally related to the “place” where unaided vision is working well: 20/20 vision.  This post is going to be a little different.

We know, and our patients agree, that 20/20 Institute is a pretty special visual place too!  So we thought that perhaps it was time to use a blog post to share about 20/20 Institute, one of many physical places that you could choose to visit to explore getting to the visual “place” where you want to be.

20/20 Institute was founded by Mark Danzo, OD as the culmination of his lifelong passion to help others get to this special “place” of 20/20 vision.  Dr. Danzo’s passion for vision correction began when his childhood hopes of being a commercial airline pilot were dashed the day he learned that he couldn’t see 20/20 without eyeglasses or contact lenses.

You can read the full story about what happened next and the beginnings of 20/20 Institute here, and we will use this post to pick up where that story leaves off by sharing three fundamental pillars upon which Dr. Danzo built and continues to operate 20/20 Institute.

First, we have a mission statement that Dr. Danzo crafted when he established 20/20 Institute, and, as he likes to say, “these are not just words.”

Most companies have a mission statement.  All too commonly, however, the mission statement, which typically speaks to returning value to shareholders and the like, is retrieved from the employee handbook and dusted off prior to annual company meetings to be used as a prop supporting senior leadership’s platitudes during opening remarks.  Not so at 20/20 Institute.

Our Mission Statement is front and center in our clinic as a constant reminder of what drives every decision, every action, and every interaction with our patients.  Every team member has our mission statement MEMORIZED.  Go ahead and test one of us when you visit or call, we will happily recite it to you:

“Every day we will strive to be the best vision correction organization in the world.  We value the privilege to play an important role in this amazing, life-changing event in our patients’ lives.  We will meet and then exceed the expectations of our patients during every encounter. All of our decision-making will be rooted in the knowledge of believing that what is in the best interest of our patients, truly is in the best interest of 20/20 Institute.”

Next, as we live this Mission Statement every day, some very important things follow.  First of all, as we like to say, “Medicine Rules and Get Out of Bed to Serve.”

This core tenant of our culture means that the modus operandi at 20/20 Institute is Patient Centered. We believe that every patient deserves our very best medicine and our very best efforts to deliver an excellent visual result. We deliver all that care in an unsurpassed good old-fashioned customer service package..

So, what does that mean to you?  It means you can expect these important elements of care at 20/20 Institute:

  1. World class, very experienced LASIK specialists, that are highly trained ophthalmologists, optometrists and support staff.
  2. Our most advanced LASIK technology for every patient, period.  There are no older less expensive laser technologies used to treat our patients, no exceptions.
  3. Straightforward answers to your questions.  No “Doctor talk” just plain language.
  4. A conservative and responsible approach to your long-term eye health.  We are not cavalier about determining your candidacy for LASIK.
  5. An absolutely unsurpassed customer service experience.

So, these three pillars comprise the foundation of the physical place, 20/20 Institute.  We know that we are one of several places that you could visit or consider as you explore getting to the visual “place” where you want to be.  The decision to have LASIK is a big one for most people, and where to have LASIK is equally important, so we hope this has been helpful to help you get to know us a little better.

As you are exploring your own path to this special visual “place,” we welcome the opportunity to meet you, to discuss your questions, and to invite you to our special place for a complimentary consultation to explore your candidacy for our life-changing care.  There is never any pressure – we take your vision as seriously as you do.  Just give us a call at 303.202.0669, or have us contact you, and we will see you soon!

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