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  • Get rid of red irritated eyes

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They were heads and shoulders above the other place …


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The entire experience was great and I can see!!!

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LASIK Partner of the Denver Broncos

Looking for a Denver LASIK Provider?

LASIK (Laser-assisted In situ Keratomileusis) is one of the most performed elective medical procedures in the world. LASIK has the potential to be one of the best life-changing things that you can do for yourself. However, you must choose wisely when deciding on a Denver LASIK provider.

LASIK is a lifetime decision. Choosing the right patient-centered LASIK experience is important for your long-term safety, health and visual happiness.

Why Thousands in Denver Colorado Have Chosen 20/20 Institute for LASIK

20/20 Institute has gained a well-deserved reputation as a world-class LASIK provider in Denver. Our core values and patient-centered philosophy have produced thousands of raving fans. To date, 20/20 Institute has performed over 20,000 LASIK procedures. Each one of those LASIK procedures was personalized to the needs of each individual 20/20 Institute patient. From the first phone call or email to a patient’s follow up visits, at 20/20 Institute we do not leave any part of your LASIK experience to chance.

There are many LASIK providers in Denver, Colorado making many claims. At 20/20 Institute we let one number speak for itself: 97%. That is the percent of our patients that achieve 20/20 vision after LASIK at 20/20 Institute. Our proven results are the number one reason our patients tell us they choose 20/20 Institute.

Your Vision is Priceless

What is your vision worth? Most likely, there is no other single purchase that you can make that will have the impact on the quality of your everyday life that LASIK will have. We use our eyes every waking minute of every day for our entire lives. What other purchase have you made that you will use that often, or that long?

Sure, there is the hassle of not being able to see the clock in the morning – or not being able to take a nap on the couch without worrying about your eyewear. But what is the “cost” to you of not having vision on a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year basis? Isn’t it time to consider the possibility of changing all that?

If you are looking for a single cost-effective way to see the world more clearly, LASIK from 20/20 Institute may be a good option for you. It’s the vision correction procedure that “pays” for itself every waking minute of every day.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Listen to what Denver Broncos’ All-Pro Louis Vasquez had to say after his recent LASIK procedure at 20/20 Institute.

Choosing a LASIK Provider

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a LASIK provider. In our opinion, here are some of the most important to consider:

Is LASIK Right for You?

If you’re still unsure if LASIK is right for you, or if you still have questions, we would invite you to continue reading one of the following articles: