*Our Transparent Approach means that we Work Diligently to Provide You with Comprehensive Disclosure Information before Surgery.

LASIKelevated means that we believe that there are things that every LASIK patient should know about before having LASIK, after all, it is surgery. You won’t receive half the facts or sugar-coated answers to your questions at 20/20 Institute. We deliver to you the truth about your eyes and your probability of success, in an easy to understand straightforward way. We will not withhold information about your LASIK candidacy or the long-term prognosis for your vision. If it’s on our mind, we will share our thoughts with you.

***Important information – The FDA recommends this link for more information about LASIK and its risks. This site is for information only and it cannot and should not replace the professional medical advice and a consultation with a licensed doctor. The FDA recommends this link for information on the excimer laser, its risks, indications, and labeling. This link provides the Patient Information Booklet for the Allegretto EX-500 laser.

Here is what you should know (and what we will go out of our way to educate you on) before you make your decision to have LASIK:

✓ Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK

✓ There is no guarantee that you will achieve 20/20 vision

✓ Vision can change over time

✓ LASIK, like any surgery, has risks and side effects

*Medical outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Results vary, risks and complications can occur with any medical procedure. Be sure to carefully read the informed consent document that YOUR surgeon has provided for you. 20/20 vision does NOT equal perfect vision. LASIK does NOT guarantee a person will not need eyeglasses for some visual situations, now or in the future.

Patients must be deemed a medical candidate for LASIK by the independent doctors at 20/20 Institute to qualify for the LASIK Money Back Pledge.

Best Price Guarantee-We have set our current prices for Advanced LASIK services as a result of a recent study of prices in the Denver marketplace for like LASIK technology and services. We have made a reasonable attempt to set our prices at the lowest in Denver for like technology and services. Our Best Price Guarantee is a promise to offer the lowest price in Denver for like technology and services. If a bona fide written lower price quote from a legitimate competitor is provided to us for an individual patient for the same exact excimer laser technology and services, then we will honor a better price than the quote provided for that patient. The Best Price Guarantee offer applies only to Primary LASIK and not to patients that have had previous procedures.

Full terms and conditions will be provided under separate 20/20 Institute written agreements.

Patient testimonials are the opinion of that patient about their individual experience. Our Proven Results can be viewed on this page.

All doctors and surgeons are independent contractors. Nothing herein is intended to imply that 20/20 Institute provides medical services. Optometrists and Ophthalmologists have agreed to provide refractive surgery services under a co-management relationship for all 20/20 Institute patients.

Not everyone will be “glasses-free” forever. All eyes mature with age, and eventually, you might need either reading glasses or another procedure to deal with changes in your distance or near vision.

  • Not everyone can achieve 20/20 vision. Talk with your Denver LASIK eye surgeon about your current vision imperfections to determine whether 20/20 vision is a realistic goal for you.
  • Re-treatment, enhancement or refinement procedures might be necessary to maintain your best-uncorrected vision. It is not uncommon for patients to experience some degree of dry eye after the procedure. For the vast majority of patients, this is a temporary condition (usually 30-60 days).
  • For optimal results, you will need to stick to an aftercare regimen and attend scheduled follow-up visits.
  • Financing options are with Approved Credit On Purchases of $300 or more. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional balance, including optional charges, is not paid in full within 24 months or if you make a late payment. Minimum Monthly Payments Required. If promo and debt cancellation are not paid in full WITHIN 24 months, interest at APR 26.99% will be assessed from purchase date. Purchase APR 26.99%; Penalty APR 29.99%. If an account goes 60 days past due, promo may be terminated early and accrued interest will be billed. Minimum Interest $2.

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