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Why Is LASIK So Popular During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

This once-in-a-century pandemic has changed our world. Our daily routines have been altered in ways most of us could never have imagined.

When we take time to think about what’s most important to us, health and safety tops the list.

To ensure our health and safety during the pandemic, many changes have happened to work and social protocols: things like working from home, restricted travel, and the need to wear a mask.

Most people are doing what they can to adapt to these changes. But they may also wonder what other things they can do to best manage their lives while coping with all the changes.

Many have chosen to take this ‘timeout’ to proactively consider positive things they can do during these crazy times. In this post, we’ll take a look at how LASIK can fit into a positive, proactive plan to utilize this downtime.

Making the Most of New Circumstances

All COVID-19 precautionary routine changes have had a dramatic effect on two primary things: 1) how we spend our time; and 2) how we spend our money.

For most, our time at home has increased dramatically. New restrictions are leaving us more confined in our homes, which has resulted in shifts in consumer spending. Disposable income for things like travel, eating out, and live events aren’t available like they were before.

For Americans that have maintained their income amidst the pandemic, there’s more disposable income on the table but fewer ways to spend it. Trends indicate that some people will move those extra dollars into investment opportunities like financial planning, home improvement, education, fitness… and elective surgery!

All this time at home has many people feeling like they have extra time on their hands—a likely reason many people are choosing to have elective surgery. Many people now feel they have more flexible work schedules, which means more time to recover from any elective medical procedure.

This additional recovery time is prized for invasive cosmetic procedures like a facelift. Fortunately, LASIK doesn’t require extensive recovery time. In fact, LASIK recovery is very quick, usually overnight.

All this extra downtime has lots of people looking into LASIK, and apparently, so does wearing a mask! We hear from patients that wearing a mask with glasses is very frustrating. The fogged-up eyeglass lenses are a nuisance but hard to avoid while wearing a mask. Even contact lenses wearers are reporting more irritation and dryness while wearing a mask.

Another great ‘investment’ after LASIK is a good pair of non-prescription sunglasses. Most eye doctors will say that you should wear good ultraviolet (UV) protection when outside in the bright Colorado sunshine, even if you haven’t had LASIK. However, most patients agree that it’s nice to wear off-the-shelf, non-prescription sunglasses after LASIK.

More importantly, from an investment standpoint, LASIK is usually cost-saving for the average eyeglass and/or contact lens wearer. Reports indicate that it takes roughly five to seven years to break even on the cost of LASIK. Over a lifetime, the savings add up!

Are You Interested In Investing In Your Vision During the Pandemic?

Patients from all over Colorado and beyond seek out LASIK at 20/20 Institute to enjoy freedom from a frame and prescription lenses. If you’re a good candidate, few things are as rewarding as simply being able to wake up and see without glasses. That feeling of visual freedom may make LASIK the best investment you could make!

The most important first step to have LASIK at the 20/20 Institute is to find out if you are a good candidate or not. Our very experienced doctors and staff will provide a candid answer to that and any other questions you may have during your free consultation.

During this pandemic, 20/20 Institute offers Virtual LASIK Consultations to get the process started quickly and easily!

To schedule a FREE consultation, request us to contact you or give us a call at 303.202.0669 and one of our attentive vision counselors will assist you with finding a convenient time to discuss your options toward visual freedom.

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