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LASIK: Is It Right For You?

Most patients tell us that LASIK “has been on their mind” for quite a while before coming to see us. And for good reason, when a person has worn glasses or contacts for years and years, it’s a big decision!

The LASIK Specialist doctors at 20/20 Institute agree that the decision to have LASIK is an important decision that should be carefully considered, and that the patient’s decision should be based on straight-forward facts about LASIK as well as any possible patient-specific considerations. The truth is that LASIK is not the right decision for everyone who wears glasses and contacts.

The majority of people who wear glasses or contact lenses are good medical candidates for LASIK, but some people are not.  As well, sometimes there is a mismatch between what the patient would like LASIK to accomplish, and what LASIK is able to accomplish. Therefore, for one reason or the other, the best decision for some patients is to keep on doing what they’ve been doing or to explore other procedures that may provide them the better chances of achieving their visual goals.

The question is how do YOU know what is best for YOU?

The first place to start is to really consider whether you are dissatisfied with your current method of correcting your vision or not.  We are fortunate in our times to have several options at our disposal to be able to see clearly, and most eye doctors will advise their patients to proceed conservatively and exhaust the non-surgical vision correction options first.

Some patients are unable to fully enjoy their favorite activities because glasses or contacts get in the way, and for some patients glasses or contact lenses are just plain uncomfortable.  For other patients, their vocation or hobbies are done more safely without having to wear glasses or contact lenses – one reason why we have helped so many firefighters and policemen, for example.  However, if glasses and contacts do not get in the way of your lifestyle and they do not irritate you or potentially compromise your safety in your profession or hobbies, it may be best for you to continue to wear glasses or contacts as prescribed by your eye doctor.

The immediate and long-term visual goals you have in mind are important too as there are indeed a few limitations in what LASIK is able to accomplish.  Probably the most significant limitation of LASIK is that it does not stop the natural age-related changes of the eye that causes poor up-close vision as an individual moves thru their 40’s.  Presbyopia occurs due to the natural changes to the lens inside the eye while LASIK happens on the cornea, the outer lens of the eye where a contact lens is worn.  There are various options to address this age-related change when a person has LASIK and you can explore the options to decide if any are acceptable to you, but the effects of the natural aging process is unavoidable.  More birthdays is a blessing, but with more birthdays there are obviously some downsides, too!

For patients who are unhappy with their current method of vision correction and comfortable with the limitations of what LASIK can accomplish, the next step is to find out about medical candidacy for the procedure.  At a complimentary LASIK consultation at 20/20 Institute, our LASIK Specialist doctors and expert support staff will help determine your candidacy and answer all your questions.  You will also be able to explore the options you have related to the limitations of LASIK so that you will be prepared to decide if having LASIK is the right decision for you.

If you are a good candidate for LASIK, and you have decided that having LASIK is the best option for you, ultimately you get to decide where to have LASIK.  While there are many options to “have LASIK” in the area, patients find that LASIK is not the same everywhere due to various styles of care, patient experience and results from provider to provider.  The most important thing is that you get straight-forward facts about all of your options so that you can feel comfortable wherever you choose to go.

Wherever you may be in your consideration process about your vision correction options, we are happy to help.  A conversation with one of our experienced Vision Counselors may be one of the most helpful discussions you could have, so feel free to give us a call.  There’s never any pressure.  If you are considering LASIK, you are most welcome to have us contact you or to give us a call at 303.202.0669 to find a convenient time for a visit.

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