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What Is the Best Surgery to Correct Vision?

Vision correction surgery can be life-enhancing. Various procedures, including LASIK and ICLs, can help you see clearly without the daily hassles of prescription eyewear—and at 20/20 Institute, this path to visual independence is crafted with absolute care. Here, vision correction surgery is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we understand that your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint, and require a personal approach for correction. We dedicate our time and expertise to thoroughly assess if you are an ideal candidate for vision correction surgery, ensuring the best outcomes for your eyes.

Have you ever imagined a day where the first thing you reach for in the morning isn’t your glasses or contacts? Vision correction surgery offers a liberating step towards this reality. This innovative branch of ophthalmology has turned the dream of clear vision into an everyday experience for many; aren’t you curious to learn what it could do for you?

20/20 Institute is dedicated to helping people see clearly. Call us at 303-202-0669 to schedule a FREE vision correction surgery consultation and begin your journey. Our team is eager to guide you through each step, providing personalized care that focuses on your visual well-being.

Exploring the Different Types of Vision Correction Surgery

There are several options when it comes to vision correction surgery, including PRK, LASIK, and ICLs.The best way to learn which is optimal for your needs is through a free, one-on-one consultation at any of our three Denver area offices.

LASIK: The Pinnacle of Vision Correction Surgery

Safe, effective, and time-tested, LASIK has evolved over the years with advancements in technology and technique. At 20/20 Institute, we are committed to keeping on top of the safest and most effective vision correction surgery options. Our success with this procedure is highlighted in our many 5-star patient reviews.

Perhaps the most compelling argument for LASIK is its high success rate. At  20/20 Institute, 99.67% of our LASIK patients have achieved 20/20 vision or better*, a statistic that speaks volumes. LASIK’s adaptability allows it to correct a wide range of refractive errors, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. Our commitment to providing tailored treatments amplifies this success even more, ensuring that each patient’s specific vision needs are met with precise corrections.

LASIK is a streamlined and sophisticated procedure. Typically completed within minutes, this type of vision correction surgery reshapes the cornea with extraordinary precision, allowing light to more effectively enter the retina and greatly reducing the need for glasses and contacts. At 20/20 Institute, we utilize advanced technology to ensure that each LASIK procedure is as precise and efficient as possible.

Comfort is another aspect that makes LASIK the preferred choice for vision correction surgery. The procedure is relatively painless, with most patients experiencing little more than slight pressure. Post-operative comfort is easy to maintain as well, requiring only minor and temporary adjustments. 

The short recovery from LASIK also helps to make this particular vision correction surgery appealing. Unlike more disruptive procedures—PRK, for example—LASIK allows for a swift return to daily life, a significant consideration for those with active lifestyles or demanding careers. This quick recovery is paired with dramatic improvements in vision, which can be noticed almost immediately after the procedure.

LASIK’s universal popularity is the result of its combination of a minimally invasive approach, rapid recovery, and overwhelmingly positive visual outcomes. At  20/20 Institute, we not only champion LASIK for its technical and medical merits, but for the life-changing visual outcomes it grants our patients.

Advanced LASIK Technology

20/20 Institute is fully committed to using the most advanced technology. At the core of our advanced surgical offerings is the Wavelight® EX500 Excimer Laser. Not only cutting-edge in terms of speed and precision, this device allows for complete personalization of the procedure by carefully mapping the intricate curvature of each individual’s eyes.

The Wavelight® EX500 Excimer Laser along with our Ziemer Femtosecond Laser,  is a bladeless LASIK system. Unlike older traditional LASIK procedures, where a special bladed microkeratome is used to create the corneal flap, our technology allows us to complete the entire procedure without bladed instruments. This improves safety, enhances precision, and allows for the correction of certain higher-order aberrations.

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Wavefront-optimized LASIK is recognized for providing superior visual outcomes. This technology is especially beneficial for enhancing night vision—a frequent concern among individuals considering vision correction surgery.

ICLs as an Alternative to LASIK for Vision Correction Surgery

 ICLs (implantable collamer lenses) are a type of vision correction surgery particularly suited for those with high levels of myopia (nearsightedness) with or without astigmatism or patients with thinner corneas who are not ideal candidates for LASIK. This reversible procedure involves placing a biocompatible lens between the iris and the natural lens, providing a permanent yet removable solution for vision correction.

Unlike traditional contact lenses that go on the surface of the eye, ICLs work from within to correct vision, thus eliminating some of the issues associated with surface lenses, such as dry eyes and discomfort. Moreover, the versatility of ICLs allows them to treat a range of refractive errors, offering an exceptional degree of clarity and depth of vision.

At 20/20 Institute, we can stand behind our vision correction surgery results because we take the time necessary to understand each patient’s anatomy, needs, and desires. This enables us to personalize each treatment and ensure that only the best vision correction surgery options are utilized. Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. Not everyone is a good candidate for ICLs. We are here to provide honest and straightforward information about your options—and to guide you toward the most effective solution for your needs.

Your Vision, Our Mission at 20/20 Institute

Choosing  20/20 Institute for your vision correction surgery means opting for a center that prizes patient satisfaction above all else. Our transparent approach to LASIK results, exceptional customer service, and the 24/7 availability of our doctors are all part of our commitment to your care. Our advanced technology, patient-centered approach, and focus on long-term satisfaction help to ensure the best possible experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

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At  20/20 Institute, we’re not just about exceptional vision correction surgery, we’re about creating personalized, life-enhancing experiences through targeted and personalized options. Contact us today for a FREE consultation to learn more about our approach, technology, and unyielding commitment to patient safety and satisfaction.

20/20 Institute maintains offices in Westminster, LoDo, and the DTC. We welcome patients from surrounding communities and all areas of Colorado.

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