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Twenty Years With 20/20 Institute

Celebrating 20 Years of Improving Vision in Denver and the Rocky Mountains

2024 marks 20/20 Institute’s 20th year in business. That’s 20 years of helping people in Denver and throughout Colorado improve their vision and reduce or eliminate their reliance on glasses and contact lenses. This is no small feat for a local, doctor-owned-and-operated LASIK provider, particularly with the current trend of corporatization. We are proud to be independent and under local control, enabling us to remain a patient-centered practice offering custom LASIK and more.

As we celebrate twenty years of exceptional service, we invite you to join us in looking back at how far we’ve come and looking forward to the bright future ahead. Our story is one of innovation, trust, and the unrelenting desire to help our patients experience the world without being held back by the limitations of their eyesight. We are proud of our history—and excited to see what the future brings.

Celebrate With Us!

As 20/20 Institute marks this monumental milestone, we’re inviting you to be a part of the celebration. In honor of our 20th anniversary, we’re offering:

  • $550 Off Per Eye* on Your LASIK Procedure (up to $1,100 off)
  • $0 Down & 0% Interest for 24 Months (subject to credit approval)
  • One Full Year of Comprehensive Follow-up Care
  • No-Charge Standard LASIK Refinement Plan

Join us in commemorating two decades of LASIK vision correction in Denver and surrounding areas of Colorado. Contact us online or call 303-202-0669 to schedule your FREE LASIK consultation and learn how we can help you achieve the vision you have always dreamed of.

From Niche to Chic: The Evolution of LASIK

As we embark on our celebratory journey through two decades of providing LASIK in Denver, it’s interesting to reflect on its evolution from a niche procedure to a commonplace solution for addressing hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. In the early years of laser vision correction, to patients, the landscape of LASIK may have seemed akin to the vast unknowns of outer space, where only the most adventurous dared to tread. Surgeons performing LASIK were like astronauts navigating through uncharted territory—armed only with new technologies and a vision for a future where clear sight could be a reality. These surgeons were truly pioneers in the field of LASIK, forging the way for the advancements and innovations that now set the standard for the advanced laser vision correction treatment solutions that are utilized today.

Today, undergoing LASIK to correct poor vision is as mainstream as the decision to get braces to correct crooked teeth—a testament to the advancements and refinements made possible in the field by its brave first providers. This once uncommon procedure has seen many improvements—including the in-depth advanced diagnostic equipment that determines appropriate candidates and treatment advancements like today’s bladeless WaveFront Optimized® LASIK treatments—ensuring the proper patients can receive a custom LASIK plan tailored to their unique vision needs. Today’s advancements have made it possible for us to utilize highly accurate diagnostic and procedural technology, helping to ensure the LASIK we provide produces the most reliable outcomes to date. In fact, at 20/20 Institute, an exceptional 99.67% of our patients have achieved 20/20 vision or better* following LASIK vision correction.

The 20/20 Institute Story…So Far

The story of 20/20 Institute is a tale of vision, passion, and the transformative power of LASIK eye surgery. And it all starts with the personal journey of co-founder, Dr. Mark Danzo.

As a young boy in New York, Dr. Danzo’s fascination with commercial aviation set him on a path that would eventually lead to a career in vision correction, though not in the way one might expect. His early dreams of becoming an airline pilot were dashed due to a vision impairment that disqualified him from military aviation, which was a common precursor to a commercial piloting career at the time. This pivotal moment in Dr. Danzo’s life redirected his passion toward the specialty of Refractive Surgery, where he saw the potential to change lives by restoring vision to 20/20.

Dr. Danzo’s commitment to developing an organization to improve others’ vision led to the establishment of 20/20 Institute in 2004. Built on best practices and a patient-centered philosophy, the Institute’s mission has always been to offer world-class LASIK surgery in an environment that prioritizes the patient’s experience and focuses on the best visual outcomes over how many people we can get through our doors.

Our patient-first approach is evident in every aspect of what we do, from our experienced, independent LASIK doctors to our use of advanced laser technology that promotes the most reliable and predictable results. With a focus on quality, service, and an unwavering commitment to producing optimal visual outcomes, we stand as a testament to the power of clear vision to change lives.

Inspired by the journey of our founder from a young boy with dreams of flight to a visionary leader in the field of laser vision correction, we look forward to the next 20 years—and more—as one of Denver’s most trusted and respected LASIK providers.

We Are Committed to Being the Premier Choice for LASIK in Colorado

At 20/20 Institute, our commitment to excellence in LASIK surgery is underscored by our:

Advanced Technology

We commit to offering advanced LASIK technology. Our commitment to using 100% Bladeless Wavefront Optimized® Custom LASIK ensures that our patients are provided with what most doctors agree is the safest and most effective technology available today. It also helps to guard against common LASIK side effects, such as glare, haloes, and visual aberrations. Our technology commitment sets us apart from some other LASIK providers and reaffirms our status as leaders in LASIK eye surgery.

Best Price Guarantee

At 20/20 Institute, we guarantee competitive pricing for LASIK surgery, but our focus is on providing value through exceptional outcomes and patient care, not just the best pricing. In addition, to help make LASIK more accessible and affordable for our patients, we accept FSA and HSA payments and provide discounts for patients with insurance, even if LASIK is not covered by the plan.

While we provide discounts for medical and vision insurance, we are not directly affiliated with or endorsed by any insurance company. However, we honor ALL vision plans, including Davis Vision, EyeMed, and VSP, as well as ALL medical insurances like Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and many more. This inclusion ensures you can utilize all of the benefits available to you.

Don’t Overlook Our 20th Anniversary Special!

And remember, in celebration of our 20th anniversary, for a limited time we are offering a special promotion of $550 off per eye*, alongside special financing options of $0 Down & 0% Interest for 24 Months for qualifying patients. Join us in celebrating 20 years of excellence and take the first step towards experiencing the many benefits LASIK has to offer.

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*Terms and conditions apply to all guarantees and offers.

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