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ICL vs. LASIK: How Do They Compare?

When it comes to ICL vs. LASIK in Denver, the question is less, “Which is better?” and more, “Which one is better for me?” At 20/20 Institute, we understand there isn’t one option that will be ideal for every need. That’s why we offer a range of vision correction services, enabling us to provide the most suitable solution for you and each of your eyes.

Fully committed to providing genuine care for each person who walks through our doors, 20/20 Institute has been at the forefront of vision correction surgery in Colorado for 20 years. Independent, local, and patient-centered, our vision specialists are here to listen to your desires, provide honest and transparent information about your options, and help you choose the vision correction surgery that’s truly right for you.

To schedule your FREE evaluation at one of our three Denver locations: LoDo, DTC, or Westminster, please contact 20/20 Institute online or call us at 303-202-0669 today. The question of ICL vs. LASIK isn’t black-and-white. We’ll take time to thoroughly assess your candidacy and guide you toward the procedure that will provide you with the best results.

20/20 Institute’s Proven Results

At 20/20 institute, our preferred method of vision correction is LASIK. We pride ourselves on our results, a staggering 99.67% of our LASIK patients have achieved 20/20 vision* or better. Our ICL results are in line with that similar level of success.

Many of our patients choose LASIK because of its excellent outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and fast visual recovery. However, not everyone is an appropriate medical candidate for laser eye surgery. Because we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our patients over all else, we take time to determine which option will produce the results you deserve.

ICL vs. LASIK: A Closer Look at Their Differences

Both LASIK and ICL are used to improve how light is focused on the retina. This helps to treat common refractive errors and provides reduced reliance on glasses and contact lenses. However, there are some fairly significant differences between the two procedures, including the type and degree of refractive errors they are designed to address.

ICL can treat a higher range of nearsighted prescriptions, from -3.00 up to -20.00. LASIK, on the other hand, can treat a broader range of prescriptions, FDA-approved from +6.00 to -12.00. Currently, in the United States, the ICL is not FDA-approved to correct for hyperopia (prescriptions with a + in front of the number). Both LASIK and ICL can, however, correct for astigmatism.

Additional differences include:

ICL vs. LASIK Surgical Procedure

LASIK involves creating a flap on the cornea (the curved, clear part on the front of the eye) to access underlying corneal tissue. After the underlying tissue is reshaped appropriately, the flap is repositioned, allowing it to heal naturally.

During ​​ICL surgery, a small lens is implanted inside the eye, just in front of the eye’s natural lens. Similar to glasses or contact lenses, ICLs focus light more precisely onto the retina, helping to provide clearer vision.

ICL is a reversible surgery but LASIK permanently alters the cornea. As such, an ICL can be removed or replaced if medically required.

ICL vs. LASIK Recovery Process

Recovery from both LASIK and ICL surgery is relatively short. Most people have functional vision within one day of surgery. Full healing time for both can, however, take several months.

During recovery from vision correction surgery, you may experience one or more of these common side effects:

  • Dry eye
  • Glare
  • Halos around lights
  • Hazy/fluctuating vision
  • Blurry vision

When you choose 20/20 Institute for ICL or LASIK, you will receive instructions on how to care for your eyes and manage any side effects. With both surgeries, you will be prescribed eye drops to prevent infection, reduce inflammation, and keep your eyes lubricated.

Keep in mind that experiences can vary from person to person. We will discuss all potential side effects before your procedure to make sure you are fully prepared. Our team of experienced eye specialists will continue to offer support during your follow-up visits to help ensure your continued comfort.

When it comes to dry eyes during recovery, ICLs may have an advantage. Because the cornea is unaltered, ICLs will not cause dry eyes, which is one of the most common side effects of LASIK.

ICL vs. LASIK Patient Age Considerations

Age is an important consideration for vision correction surgery. The ICL is designed for people between the ages of 21 and 45. LASIK, on the other hand, is suitable for anyone over the age of 18. There is no upper age limit for LASIK. In fact, Monovision LASIK is specifically designed to address age-related vision loss and is often recommended for patients who are 40 and older.

ICL vs. LASIK UV Protection

The ICL has a unique barrier of UV protection built in. After ICL surgery, your eyes are more protected from UV light, which can help prevent premature cataracts and retinal diseases such as macular degeneration.

After LASIK surgery, your eyes will react to UV light the same way that they did before LASIK.

Sunglasses are recommended as an important vision safeguard regardless of the type of vision correction treatment you may have.

ICL vs. LASIK Costs

In general, the price of ICL surgery is roughly double what it costs to have LASIK. There are several reasons behind this, including the additional cost of the lens, the necessity of anesthesia, and the type of surgical center required for ICL placement. Because ICL surgery is slightly more invasive than LASIK, it must be performed in a specialized surgical center and not in one of our offices.

ICL vs. LASIK: Which Vision Correction Surgery Is Right for You?

LASIK and ICL are both amazing surgeries that can decrease your reliance on glasses and contact lenses, but there are a variety of differences between the options. When you come to 20/20 Institute for your free consultation, our experienced team will give you their professional opinion as to which one will provide you with the most reliable and lasting results.

For more information on ICL vs. LASIK in Denver, contact 20/20 Institute online or give us a call to schedule a cost-free consultation at one of our convenient metro locations. We proudly serve patients living along the Front Range and throughout Colorado.

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