Congratulations You’re Prequalified!

Congratulations!  You have been prequalified for special financing options from GreenSky Patient Solutions®!

Let’s talk next steps

Your Prequalification will be available to you for the next 30 days, and your next step is to contact 20/20 Institute at 303-202-0669 to set up your free LASIK consultation. At your LASIK consultation you will meet with a doctor and find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK.  If you are a good candidate, and you want to use your Prequalification for special financing options, the helpful team members at 20/20 Institute will guide you through the loan application process.  To take your next step to seeing 20/20, please fill out the form below or give one of our experienced 20/20 LASIK Counselors a call at 303-202-0669 to schedule your free LASIK Consultation.