You wouldn't pay for new glasses that provide 20/30 vision, why choose a LASIK provider that won't provide a 20/20 LASIK Money Back Pledge?

20/20 LASIK or it’s Free

Separates us from all the other

LASIK Providers in Denver.

LASIKelevated means that we should be accountable for your visual result. We both know that the objective with LASIK is 20/20 vision. If the team at 20/20 Institute does not achieve 20/20 vision for you after your LASIK procedure, then we do not feel comfortable keeping the LASIK fees that you paid to us (even if you are 20/25 or 20/30). We voluntarily will provide you with a full refund of your LASIK fee*. No other Denver LASIK provider chooses to “own” this level of accountability for their results.

You will get our best for one simple price.

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