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Denver LASIK Cost

What Type of LASIK do You Want?

Most patients are surprised to hear that there are different types of LASIK offered in the Denver Metro area. Patients generally believe that all LASIK is the same everywhere. This is very far from the truth. One of the best analogies to help explain the advancements in LASIK is cellphone technology. Remember the old “brick” cell phone? What a difference between that and today’s ultra-thin and fast smart phones! Similarly, significant advancements in technology to improve speed, safety and efficacy have happened in LASIK since its introduction nearly 20 years ago.

Straightforward Pricing for LASIK

No bait and switch tactics or fast talk about prices at 20/20 Institute. We offer straightforward pricing for our advanced bladeless all laser Wavefront Optimized LASIK technology at $1795 per eye, which includes one year of comprehensive follow care at no additional charge. You will have the option to add our Lifetime LASIK Assurance Plan* prior to your procedure. This is the best LASIK price in Denver on this all-inclusive State of the Art advanced LASIK technology. We are the ONLY provider in Denver that offers a 20/20 or its Free LASIK Money-Back Guarantee*. Unlike 20/20, LASIK Discount Providers do not tend to provide a simple straightforward price for their LASIK services, either on their website or even over the phone. They tend to rely on waiting until you get in their office before providing all of the pricing details. Please contact us and we will happily discuss the other differences that exist between other LASIK Providers and 20/20.