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Denver LASIK Cost

Many of our patients report to us that they choose 20/20 Institute because their research of the Denver LASIK market has uncovered the following:

  • 20/20 Institute offers advanced modern LASIK technology at the lowest price
  • 20/20 Institute offers Denver’s ONLY 20/20 or its Free LASIK Money Back Guarantee*
  • 20/20 Institute offers an outstanding patient experience and has amazing online reviews
  • 20/20 Institute offers the most comprehensive Lifetime LASIK Assurance Plan* at the lowest long-term cost

Denver’s Best Fee on LASIK

That includes ALL SEVEN of the important LASIK features listed below:

No upcharge — Bladeless flap creation technology
No upchargeCustom Wavefront (Guided or Optimized) technology
No upcharge — Treatment of astigmatism
No upcharge — Treatment of high prescriptions
No upcharge — Free LASIK refinements for first year
No upcharge — Comprehensive follow-up care
PlusDenver’s only 20/20 or it’s free LASIK guarantee* at no additional charge

LASIK May Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars for You Over Your Lifetime

If you wear glasses and or contact lenses one thing is for sure: If you do nothing you will spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, on eyewear and lenses for the remainder of your life. Over the course of a lifetime, the cost of glasses and contacts really add up and, in some cases, it can take a real toll on the family budget. Think about it. Do nothing and you will guarantee yourself the cost of eyewear for life.

In the average year, your eyecare expenses might look something like this:

  • Yearly eye exam – $125
  • Contact lens fitting – $75
  • Year supply of contacts – $300 (Non-astigmatic lenses. Astigmatism lenses are usually more than this.)
  • Year supply of contact solution – $100
  • Frames for glasses – $275
  • Lenses for glasses – $125 (Bifocal lenses are usually more expensive than this.)
  • Total – $1,000

That’s $1,000 a year on eye care expenses alone – on the conservative side. If you have a severe prescription, replace your frames regularly, need bifocals, have astigmatism or purchase prescription sunglasses, your costs are easily over $1,000 a year.