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Denver LASIK Cost

Authentic Care & Straightforward Pricing for LASIK



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No bait and switch tactics or fast talk about prices at 20/20 Institute. We offer straightforward pricing for our advanced bladeless all laser Wavefront-Optimized® LASIK technology*. After discussing your particular needs in your initial telephone conversation with one of our experienced LASIK Counselors, we will provide you with your Guaranteed LASIK Fee per eye*. If you choose to proceed, of course a complimentary doctor evaluation will be required to confirm your medical LASIK candidacy. Give us a call now to talk with one of our experienced counselors at 303-202-0669 and get your Guaranteed LASIK Fee.

We are the ONLY provider in Denver that offers this Simple Pledge:
You will achieve 20/20 vision after your LASIK procedure with us or you will receive a full refund*

Don’t be fooled by any LASIK Discount Providers that refuse to provide a simple straightforward price for their LASIK services over the phone. They may wait until you get in their office before providing you with all of their pricing details. Please contact us and we will happily discuss this as well as the other differences that may exist between 20/20 and other LASIK Providers.

What Type of LASIK Technology do You Want?

Most patients are surprised to hear that there are different types of LASIK offered in the Denver Metro area. Patients generally believe that all LASIK is the same everywhere. This is very far from the truth. One of the best ways to appreciate the advancements in LASIK technology is to recall how much cellphone technology has advanced in the last 20 years. Remember the old “brick” cell phone? What a difference between that and today’s ultra-thin and fast smart phones! Similarly, significant advancements in technology to improve speed, safety and efficacy have happened in LASIK since its introduction nearly 20 years ago.

18 Things to Know About LASIK Under $1,000!

While it is understandable to be interested in saving money, the LASIK provider you choose may significantly affect your long-term safety and visual results. That’s why at 20/20 Institute, we encourage you to pay attention to every aspect of your LASIK experience. There are different types of LASIK and it is wise for a LASIK patient to look for clues in the quality of their overall care. If you are contacting a LASIK discount provider, please be aware and understand the following are some potential key differences in their LASIK offering and 20/20’s:

The LASIK Journey* 20/20’s Straightforward LASIK Philosophy* LASIK Discounters Watch Outs*
Free Telephone Consultation Yes
All of your questions are answered by our experienced staff no matter how long you choose to chat. We will provide you with a Guaranteed LASIK Fee during your initial phone call. The doctor can be consulted if needed.
They may provide limited time in the initial phone call and limited info is provided. They may require you to come into their office to get most of your questions answered, including “How much does LASIK cost specifically for me?”
Pricing Policy Simply and Straightforward.
One guaranteed fee which you will be given in your initial telephone call with us. You will be guaranteed that fee for your LASIK at 20/20.
Low Price Hook
Some LASIK Discount Centers may try to hook you with a low advertised price (e.g. $250-$499). In reality, only a minority of patients qualify for the low teaser fee. Some may even claim that more than 50% of their patients pay less than $1,000 per eye however there may be some other things that they are not telling you.
Flap Creation Technology Bladeless
100% Bladeless Laser Technology
Low Price LASIK Discounters may rely on bladed surgical devices to cut your cornea with a blade as the first step in your LASIK procedure.
Advanced Technologies*-

Are one of these three LASIK technologies being used for your specific treatments?


100% Wavefront Optimized LASIK
ALL LASIK Patients at 20/20 Institute receive Custom Wavefront-Optimized® LASIK.
It Depends
Discount LASIK Providers may rely on older lasers that were built for Standard LASIK treatments when they were originally approved by the FDA in the 1990s. These older lasers may have had some upgrades done to them to be able to perform more advanced treatments, however these lasers were not originally engineered for Custom Wavefront or Topography LASIK. These older lasers still perform both older standard treatments and possibly the more advanced Wavefront and Topography treatments. These older Lasers cannot perform Wavefront-Optimized® LASIK.
Treatment for Astigmatism Yes, No Charge
Treated with advanced Wavefront Optimized® technology at no additional charge.
Yes, Increased Cost
Look out for Providers that charge you more for the Treatment of Astigmatism.
Treatment Time Fastest Laser in the United States
100% of our Patients now receive their LASIK Treatment on the Fastest Excimer Laser in the US.
Slower Lasers
Discounters may rely on slower and older lower costing lasers.
Precision of Treatment Placement Fast Eye-Tracker
Dynamic 1050 Hz-Type multi-dimensional pupil tracking provides safety and exceptional laser beam placement precision.
Older Generation Eye Trackers
They may rely on older slower 200 Hz eye trackers for keeping the eye “still” for your treatment.
Treatment for Higher Prescriptions Yes, No Charge
Treated with advanced Wavefront Optimized® technology at no additional charge.
Yes, Increased Cost
Look out for Providers that charge you more for the treatment of higher or more complex prescriptions.
Previous Results Disclosed Voluntarily Reported
Historic results voluntarily posted in writing on our website.
Usually Not Reported
May be able to get results if you ask however, usually given verbally and most do not voluntary post their results in exact percentages on their website
Night Vision Treatment Technology Yes, No Charge
100% Advanced Wavefront Optimized® LASIK Technology specifically designed to maximize night vision.
Usually Not
Discounters may rely on slower lower operating cost lasers which may not treat for certain imperfections (High Order Aberrations) in your vision, specifically Spherical Aberration which affects night vision issues.
Full Refund if You do not Achieve 20/20 Vision Yes
Our authentic and genuine philosophy means that 20/20 Institute is the ONLY LASIK provider in the area that offers a simple pledge; you will achieve 20/20 vision after your LASIK procedure or you will receive a full refund.
LASIK Refinements Included for 1 Year
Always at No charge for 1 Year utilizing our latest technology
Included for 1 Year
May be included at no Charge for 1 Year

Lifetime LASIK Plans

Achieving 20/20 vision is one aspect of choosing the correct LASIK provider for sure. However choosing a LASIK provider that can provide you with the best chance of maintaining 20/20 vision at the lowest cost to you is another key aspect of selecting the right provider.

The LASIK Journey* 20/20’s Straightforward LASIK Philosophy* LASIK Discounters Watch Outs*
Vision Requirement to Qualify for a future no charge LASIK refinement Simple
Healthy eyes and any Vision below 20/20.
Vision may need to “get bad enough” to qualify (e.g. 20/40 or 1 Diopter of Prescription).
Procedure type utilized for Refinements over LASIK LASIK
LASIK is always the preferred option
PRK may be the option
May choose to perform PRK refinement over a LASIK refinement. PRK is considered to be more uncomfortable and tends to have a longer recovery time for the patient than LASIK.
Cost for Performing Refinement No Fees Maybe
Some may charge additional fees for certain things like facility fees.
Annual Eye Exam Requirement No
Our Lifetime LASIK Assurance Plan* has no annual eye exam requirement to keep it valid. Yes, you should absolutely maintain your eye health with regular eye exams; however we do not require you to be “perfect” with annual exams for you to maintain your Lifetime LASIK Plan.
Watch out for the need to have an Annual Eye Exam for the rest of your life to keep their lifetime plan in place. Miss one year and your plan could be void.
Technology used for Refinement Latest Technology
Our philosophy is that everyone’s eyes deserve advanced, proven technology – refinement procedures included. If a candidate, your refinement procedure would be performed our latest laser technology.
Discounters, who often have multiple lasers, may perform refinement procedures on lower operating cost Lasers.
Price Per Eye to Add Lifetime Plan $495 Typically $200-$300