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We offer the possibility of a life free from glasses and contacts in an amazing 5-star customer service environment. At 20/20 Institute, we understand how overwhelming it can be to look for a qualified LASIK provider in or around the Denver metro area.

Our patient-centered philosophy is based on our belief that your LASIK journey should be as comfortable, satisfying, and stress-free as possible. Everything we do – from our free and convenient LASIK consultations to our comfortable well-appointed state-of-the-art facilities, together with our experienced doctors and friendly staff– has all been customized and designed for your specific and individualized needs. Click below to schedule a time to speak with an experienced LASIK counselor about your candidacy and to get your specific price quote right over the phone

There Has Never Been a Better Time for LASIK!

While there have been many advancements in LASIK technology over the years, the two most important are the advent of bladeless LASIK and the availability of Wavefront Optimized® Custom LASIK.
Wavefront Optimized Custom LASIK is a 3-step, roughly 15-minute outpatient procedure performed in our office that treats nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism while simultaneously accounting for some of the unique imperfections of each patient’s visual system.

After the procedure, patients go home to relax—a long nap is usually recommended. The eyes will heal on their own with the help of prescription eye drops; most patients achieve 90% of their vision correction overnight! Patients can typically return to work the very next day. Further healing and vision correction takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Meet the Doctors

The Denver LASIK doctors at 20/20 Institute are highly trained. Dr. Montgomery is board-certified in Ophthalmology. Dr. Ofchinick is well versed in the co-management of Refractive Surgery patients. Dr. Danzo has over 25 years of experience and is one of the most experienced optometrists in the country, in the field of refractive surgery.

Mark S. Danzo, O.D.
Co-Founder, Optometrist
Jim E. Montgomery, M.D.
Medical Director, Ophthalmologist
Marc J. Ofchinick, O.D.
Staff Optometrist

Transparent LASIK Candidacy Criteria

Not every patient is a good candidate for LASIK. The experienced doctors at 20/20 Institute utilize conservative candidacy criteria – if you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK, we will tell you so. Starting with the initial telephone conversations and throughout the entire evaluation process, we will focus on discovering if LASIK is a safe and proper solution for you. If you have LASIK at 20/20 Institute, we want it to be one of the best decisions of your life.

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At 20/20 Institute, we offer transparent low pricing and the best overall value for LASIK in Colorado. We do not play pricing games as some other providers choose to do. We guarantee the most advanced WaveFront Optimized LASIK® technology for the best price in Denver. We are happy to provide you with your specific price quote right over the phone (no office visit required). We also offer to honor any other providers’ lower price for like technology and services. No other Denver LASIK provider offers this level of transparency for its pricing structure.

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Every patient receives our most advanced LASIK technology, Bladeless Wavefront Optimized Custom LASIK utilizing the Wavelight EX-500 Laser®. Our opinion regarding the different types of LASIK technology out there is pretty simple. If you’re going to have LASIK, do everything possible to maximize safety and results. There is no corner-cutting at 20/20 Institute. No blades and no older-generation “broad beam” lasers that have been upgraded to keep up with the times are ever used on any of our patients’ eyes.

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From the moment you walk through the door, you will see why so many patients in Denver choose us for their LASIK laser eye surgery. Your quality of life and livelihood requires the best vision possible. That is why every decision we make at 20/20 Institute revolves around what is best for you and your vision. Click Here to Schedule your free LASIK consultation today!

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