20/20 Institute’s independent Board-certified ophthalmologists choose to utilize Wavefront Optimized® Custom LASIK for 100% of the laser vision correction procedures performed at 20/20 Institute. Wavefront Optimized® Custom LASIK is considered to be the most advanced form of LASIK available.

Treating patients with 100% Wavefront Optimized® LASIK  is not the protocol used by many discount LASIK providers.

Most experts agree that in general Wavefront LASIK Optimized® provides the patient with a better visual result and a better quality of vision than the conventional (standard or traditional) LASIK. Although Wavefront technology helps to reduce side effects such as glare, haloes and visual aberrations, the technology usually does not eliminate these side effects completely. Improved night vision is where a patient usually benefits the most from Wavefront LASIK versus the older traditional forms of LASIK technology.

20/20 Institute LASIK Can Treat a Wide Range of Eyeglass Prescriptions

Custom Wavefront LASIK

One of the core principles that sets 20/20 Institute apart from other facilities is our dedication to providing the latest in LASIK technology, so we use Wavefront Optimized® Custom LASIK for every laser vision correction procedure we perform.

Custom Wavefront LASIK can provide our patients with safer, more accurate results and a better quality of vision than conventional (traditional or standard) LASIK procedures, including improved night vision, fewer side effects (visual aberrations, glare and haloes) and more finely tuned vision overall.

To maintain our standing as leaders in LASIK eye surgery, our highly trained and board-certified ophthalmologists are continually updating their skills by staying abreast of all advances and innovations in the fast-paced world of laser eye surgery.

The surgeons at 20/20 Institute treat each and every patient as an individual person, rather than “a case.” Your physician will always take the time to answer your questions clearly and will make sure that you fully understand your planned procedure before it’s performed.

And, our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the door. After your LASIK vision correction surgery is complete, the 20/20 Institute doctors will provide you with exceptional follow-up care to help you maintain a lifetime of good visual health.

If you have questions about Custom Wavefront LASIK, please contact our office if you would like more information or would like to schedule a LASIK consultation.