triple lasik guarantee at 20/20 Institute
20/20 Triple Lasik Guarantee

We understand that Denver LASIK patients want the best possible vision, top-notch technology, and the best price for their LASIK procedure.

We’ve got you covered at 20/20 Institute.

  • 20/20 Best Price Guarantee

    At 20/20 Institute, we offer transparent low pricing and the best overall value for LASIK in Colorado. We don’t play bait-and-switch pricing games; we are happy to provide you with your price for LASIK right over the phone. We guarantee the most advanced WaveFront Optimized LASIK® technology for the best price in Denver*.

    Save Money with your Vision or Medical Health insurance plan. We offer up to a 15% discount on our LASIK services to patients that have ANY Vision or Medical Health insurance plan. Your plans does NOT need to “cover” LASIK to receive the discount.

  • Best Technology Guarantee from 20/20 institute denver lasik provider

    20/20 Institute invests in advanced technology and you can rest assured that every single one of our patients receives our most advanced technology for LASIK.  At 20/20 Institute, every one of our patients receives their treatment using the advanced Wavelight® EX500 Excimer laser.

  • 20/20 vision or it's free lasik from 20/20 Institute denver lasik provider

    At 20/20 Institute, we know the objective of LASIK is 20/20 vision or better. We choose to be financially accountable for your LASIK vision results. If our team doesn’t achieve 20/20 vision or better for you after your LASIK, we’ll voluntarily provide a full refund of your LASIK fee*. No other Colorado LASIK provider offers this level of financial accountability.

What does the Triple LASIK Guarantee include?

We Make LASIK Easy

  • 1

    Free Phone

    20 Minutes to get to know each other, we will provide your specific price quote on this call

  • 2

    Complimentary In Office
    Doctor Evaluation

    75 Minutes to determine your candidacy and plan for your best visual outcome

  • 3

    In Office

    90 Minutes to provide you with the best vision correction treatment that’s customized just for you