$600 OFF Lifetime LASIK Assurance Plan

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LASIK Costs and Savings

Denver’s Best Fee on LASIK

That Includes ALL SIX of the Important LASIK features listed below

No Upcharge — Bladeless Flap Creation Technology
No UpchargeCustom Wavefront (Guided or Optimized) Technology
No Upcharge — Treatment of Astigmatism
No Upcharge — Treatment of High Prescriptions
No Upcharge — Comprehensive Follow-up Care
Plus — Denver’s Only 20/20 or it’s Free LASIK Guarantee* at no additional charge

20/20 ir it's FREE LASIK Guarantee

Many of our patients report to us that they choose 20/20 Institute because their research of the Denver LASIK market has uncovered the following:

  • 20/20 Institute offers advanced modern LASIK technology at the lowest price.
  • 20/20 Institute offers an all-inclusive straightforward patient centered LASIK experience.
  • 20/20 Institute offers the most comprehensive Lifetime LASIK Assurance Plan at the lowest long term cost
  • 20/20 Institute is the LASIK facility where they feel the most comfortable having LASIK.

Be advised that LASIK Discounters may use tactics to make you try and believe that LASIK at their facility costs around $499 per eye for all patients. When in reality a minority of patients tend to get offered that price. LASIK Discounters usually charge you more [vs. their low advertised fee] for Astigmatism, most prescriptions that are more than very mild and advanced modern technologies like Bladeless and Wavefront LASIK. Please view Dr. Mark Danzo’s educational video below to discover more about what LASIK Discounters may not be telling you up front.

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